Booking contracts allow stallion bookings to be broken down so that bookings can be invoiced to mare owners in proportions that differ from their share of the mare, or invoiced to a third-party or parties.

Creating a stallion booking

A stallion booking needs to exist before it can be broken down. The following example shows creating a stallion booking for Example Mare with a cover fee of €12,000.

Creating an example stallion booking.

How to create a booking contract

With the stallion booking created, highlight it in the grid and click the Maintain Contracts button.

The Maintain Contracts button.

Ardex Premier will then display the Maintain Booking Contracts window for the selected stallion booking.

The Maintain Booking Contracts window.

You can now create a booking contract by completing the fields on the form and clicking the Add button. The screenshot below shows creating a booking contract for a fictitious organisation that will be responsible for 100% of the fee.

Screenshot of creating a booking contract.
Screenshot of booking contracts for example mare.

After creating the booking contract, close the Maintain Booking Contracts window and return to the Stallion Bookings window.

Locate the stallion booking row in the grid and notice that there is now a plus icon to the left of the row.

Click the icon to view the booking contracts, as shown in the screenshot below.

Example of a stallion booking with a booking contract.

Double-click on the stallion booking to load it into the editor in the top half of the window.

Note that most fields are read-only. This is because the values are derived from the booking contracts and therefore cannot be modified directly.

How to modify booking contracts

To modify a stallion booking that has booking contracts, highlight the booking in the grid and click the Maintain Contracts button.

The screenshot below shows the result of clicking the Maintain Contracts button for the stallion booking for Example Mare.

Example booking contract.

In this example, you we will replace the existing booking contracts with some new ones. Instead of manually inputting the contract details like we did when creating the the original booking contracts, we will have the system generate them based on the ownership of the mare.

Click the Use existing owners... button.

Screenshot showing location of the Use Existing Owners button.

In the following screenshot I am creating booking contracts for each individual owner, who will be billed for their portion of the nomination.

Click the Create Contracts button to create the booking contracts for the owners based on their share of Example Mare.

The existing booking contract will be replaced since the Replace all existing contract option is selected (to keep the existing booking contracts for Example Mare, select the Only add contracts for new owners button).

The screenshot below shows the new booking contracts.

Screenshot showing booking contracts for owners.

How to delete a booking contract

To delete a booking contract, locate it in the grid, click the row selector to the left of the row and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

How to edit (fine tune) a booking contract

To modify a booking contract, locate it in the grid and then double-click on it with the left button on your mouse.

Ardex Premier will load it into the editor in the top half of the window, where you can edit it. After you have completed your changes, click the Update button to save them.

In the screenshot below, I have deleted the booking contract for Lisa Smithers and have modified the booking contract for Simon Smithers to increase his contract percent from 40% to 50%, and his share of the cover fee from €4,800 to €6,000.

Example of editing a booking contract for an owner.

Click the OK button to close the Maintain Booking Contracts window.

Back in the Stallion Bookings window, you will notice that the booking has been updated to show the changes that we made to the booking contracts.

Stallion booking with multiple booking contracts.

How to print contracts

Click the Merge Contracts button to print the booking contracts.

Click the Find button to select the contract template.

Select the All mare owners option.

Optionally, select the Update bookings with printed date to set the Contract Printed date for each booking contract.

Click the Print (Individually) or Save as PDF (Individually) button depending on whether you want to print each booking contract or generate a PDF.

How to create cover invoices

Cover invoices are created in the normal way by clicking the Create Cover Invoices button on the Stallion Bookings window.

For stallion bookings that have booking contracts, the Create Cover Fees window, will show the booking contracts below the the stallion booking, as shown in the screenshot below.

Example of invoicing a stallion booking with multiple booking contracts.

The only difference in behaviour when creating invoices for stallion bookings with booking contracts is that the owner of each booking contract will be invoiced, and consequently the Cover date determines ownership and Use this date instead options have no effect.

The screenshots below show the horse record for Example Mare after creating the cover invoices.

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