Ardex Premier Server

In a medium size or large business normally one computer in each office will act as a server, with other computers connecting to the server via a Local Area Network. Ardex Server software stores and provides access to an Ardex SQL Database to other nearby computers with network access.

Your server will “synchronise” with Ardex head office in Sydney every 30 minutes and exchange information with a duplicate SQL database located on our Ardex main server. We recommend that you designate the most powerful computer in your office as the server, and ensure that it has a reliable internet connection.

Ardex Premier Workstation

Ardex Workstation software accesses an Ardex database located on a server via a Local Area Network. If the server is turned off, or the network connection to the server is lost, then the Ardex database will not open on the Workstation. A workstation will need to be configured to access Ardex (and shared Ardex files) through network security and firewall settings which may be in place.

Ardex Remote Connection

You may connect directly to the master copy of your Ardex database via the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application. Changes you make will immediately update to your database stored on the Main Ardex server in Sydney. A remote connection requires a reliable internet connection so the Remote Desktop Connection software can operate efficiently, no additional software needs to be installed to your PC. This service is ideal for external accountants who need to search, review and make entries to your Ardex database from their own office.

Ardex Mobile App

Ardex Technology has developed a great mobile app which can be installed on Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. Ardex Mobile allows live access to much of the information stored in your Ardex database from a mobile device, and also allows for limited recording of information to your database with a focus on recording procedures, horse weights and movements, and racing related communications and voice recordings.

Ardex Today Web

You may access information directly from your Ardex database via a secure web based interface from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. A wide variety of racing information, client data and horse related information may be viewed, and you may set-up importing and exporting of financial information with other businesses running Ardex software.

Ardex Install Key

When Ardex is set-up and installed for your business, we will assign you an install key which determines which software features will be available for use in Ardex. Install keys include:


As well as some install keys which combine features from more than one of the keys listed above (for example your business may be a trainer and a stud). If you find that there are some Ardex software features that you want to use, but are unavailable through your Ardex install key, contact Ardex Sales and ask about changing your subscription plan and adding extra features to the application.

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