In most areas of the Ardex Premier application an item listed can be deleted simply by clicking to highlight the row, then pressing the DELETE key on your keyboard. A confirmation window will open asking you to confirm the deletion.

There will usually be a Delete button on the screen as well, but the delete key on your keyboard will often be the fastest way to remove obsolete data.

Take care in removing records from Ardex, as many values in the database are Linked to one another. For example, if you delete a horse this will effect procedures and transactions recorded against the horse, training progress notes and breeding procedures recorded to the horse, etc. Often it is a better option to make the horse (or person) Non Current rather than deleting it.

With some financial transactions, for example charges to horses that have already been reported on owner statements issued, the Delete option will no longer be available and the transaction will need to be reversed instead. Please see Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable guides for more information on reversals and adjustments for owners and suppliers.

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