Data Sharing Access 

To use Data Sharing features, you must have an existing Ardex Today account with appropriate permissions. 

Please contact Ardex support either through this chat or email: to setup account permissions, providing the following information:

  • Should the account have permissions to request data from other businesses?

  • What type of sharing requests can the account approve (if any)? Possible requests currently include: Statement Import, Treatment Access and Horse News.

  • Can the account decide whether or not to share data with other businesses?

*** Set up may take up to a few days ***

Enable Sharing

Step 1: To access the Enable Sharing page, log in to Ardex Today and go to Sharing -> Share Data.

Step 2: This will bring up the share data page where you can select the type of data you wish to share, check or uncheck businesses listed to enable/disable sharing for each business.

Step 3: Ensure that you have an email setup for your account so that you receive alerts when requests and approvals are made. Go to "Options" to setup your email.

Requesting Data

Step 1:
Under the "Sharing" heading go to "Request Data"

Note: I
f you cannot see the "Sharing" tab, please contact Ardex Support to have your account set up for data sharing requests. 

Step 2: Select the type of Data you wish to request.

  • Statement Import – This will allow you to import statements from the provider’s side.

  • Treatment Access – This is a new feature which allows you to view treatments on your horses by the provider.

  • Horse News – This will allow you to access news published by the selected provider.

Step 3: Enter in an account number and keyword. Ensure they are both a match pair, otherwise they will fail to match details held by the data sharing provider.

Account no: The number you see in your statements from the requested party.
Keyword: The keyword you see in your statements from the requested party.

Step 4: Select from the drop down menu the business that you wish to request data from.

Step 5: Click "Request Access" to send through the request to the provider. A green success message should pop up.

Viewing Requests 

You can view your pending requests in under “Sharing” -> “Request Data”.
Requests are generally in an “Approved”, “Pending” or “Declined” State.

Add Statement Settings 

“Statement Import”
permissions may also have additional settings which will make the import process in Ardex Premier simpler. These settings can only be added once the request has been approved by the provider.

Step 1: To add settings - "Sharing" -> "Request Data"

Step 2: In the table, find the request for which you require these settings then under the “Action” column, select the drop-down and click “Add Settings”.

Step 3: Enter in or select a value from all the "drop down fields" to populate the default details when importing a statement from a client in Ardex Premier.

Approving Requests 

Step 1:
"Sharing Tab" and select "Approvals"

Step 2: To approve or decline the request, select the drop-down under the “Action” column and choose Approve/Decline.

If you choose approve and you see a window titled “Keyword Conflicts”, please see the following section.

Keyword Conflicts 

A keyword conflict arises when the requestor has more than one keyword in your database.
This may be due to a change of keywords, or many other factors. Once this conflict occurs, Ardex suggests that you pick one of the keywords for the requesting business so there is no confusion between keywords. A list of all the existing and new keywords is provided and you may select one of them (or enter a new keyword).

Once this keyword is set, the association with that business will be based on the keyword chosen.


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