Go to Main and select People & Firms to view and enter details for horse owners, suppliers and other people and businesses you have a relationship with. The key to the People & Firms screen is the View By pull-down list at the top, which switches between contact types.

Choose View By: Owners (sorted by display name) to display a list of horse owners entered to your database. Use the Search box to quickly find an owner, or click the New button at the top right to add a new owner to the database.

When entering owners to your Ardex database include as much relevant information as possible, including post and e-mail address details, phone number etc. If the owner wishes to receive horse communications and owner statements by e-mail make sure ‘send communications by Email’ is selected and the ‘statement via Email’ box is ticked.

You will note that when View by: Owners is selected and the New button is clicked, the person record will default to Roles: ‘Owner’. This is necessary to assign the person as an owner to a horse in Ardex. Make sure that a Display Name has been selected and all information is accurate, then click Add at the bottom left to record the contact to your database.

Contact record types which may be entered via People & Firms include:

  • Horse Owners

  • Supplier

  • Employee

  • Trainers

  • Properties (horse agistment locations)

  • Jockeys

  • Related Business Entities

  • Practitioners

Please note that a person cannot be a Horse Owner and a Supplier at the same time, one or the other role must be selected in this case.

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