Ardex Premier performs many functions and contains a wide variety of features relating to horse breeding and horse racing. One of the core functions of the application is to charge a daily (or monthly) rate to each horse in your care for agistment and training, and then pass these charges on to horse owners at the end of each month.

This is done by setting location status and daily charge rate for horses, and running the Group Add function once per month. The month end process then converts group add transactions to tax invoices, and issues owner statements for payment. These core Ardex functions are covered in more detail later in this guide, and also in the user guides listed above.

The daily charges process can be represented as follows:

Much of the work that you will perform in Ardex as a software user ultimately relates back to simply creating high quality and reliable Owner Statements for payment. It is good to keep this in mind as you learn how to use various features in the application.

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