Ardex Premier contains some great features for reporting and actioning Accounts Receivable for your business. As with any Accounts Receivable system, Ardex relies on your accounts staff to correctly invoice clients in a timely manner, and record and reconcile all owner payments regularly whether these payments are made by EFT, cheque, credit card or cash.

So long as invoicing and bank reconciliations are kept up to date, Accounts Receivable reports generated will always be accurate and ready for collection action. The most commonly used accounts receivable report in Ardex is the “Owners with Balances” report. This is accessed through Main then select People & Firms and “View by: Owners with balances”.

This accounts receivable report can be sorted by any column simply by clicking on a column header title. For example, if you want to see all owners with accounts more than 90 days overdue, just click the 90 Day Balance header. The report can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel button at the bottom of the report if you wish.

Note that next to the “Total Balance Due” column there is a “Debtors Loan Balance” column. Amounts in this column represent funds received in addition to ordinary invoice payments, such as horse prize money and horse sale proceeds. A negative balance in this column represents an amount which may be applied against unpaid owner invoices in the system, thereby reducing the Balance Due for the owner. This process of applying debtor loan balances will be covered later in this support note.

If you select a owner by single left-clicking on the owner name, then click the “Enquiry” button at the right of the screen, you will get a list of all transactions relating to that owner within a specified date range, including invoices issued, payments received and a running accounts receivable balance. Remember to click the “Refresh” button if you change the date range.

If you double click any owner you will open the owner information window. By selecting the “Invoices” tab at the left of the owner window you will get a list of all owner invoices issued including amounts paid on invoices, GST recorded, account allocations and owner invoice numbers. Again, this information can be printed or exported if you wish.

Other accounts receivable reports can be found by selecting Reporting then Reports and scroll down to Financial Reports > Debtor Financials. The “Current balances and phone numbers” report shows current owner accounts receivable balances with phone numbers for follow up action, and the “Statement balances as at” report shows owner statement balances as at a certain date for historic purposes. These reports can be sent to excel or PDF.

You will note that the Current balances and phone numbers report displays the last date a payment was received from an owner and the amount of that payment, which can be very useful when making accounts receivable follow-up calls. Always keep in mind that trade debtor reports are only as reliable as your bank reconciliations and invoicing process make them.

By combining these accounts receivable reporting options in Ardex you should have no trouble quickly finding out which owners owe you money, how much is owed and how long it has been outstanding. You can perform an enquiry to show all owner invoices issued to and payments received from an owner for reconciliation purposes, and all reports can be exported and printed.

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