Rather than requesting a copy of an owner statement already issued, an owner will sometimes request a preview of what their next owner statement will look like so they may bring their account up to date. This statement preview function is frequently used where a horse is departing your property and the horse owner needs a statement issued for payment on the departure day.

As with issuing month end owner statements, it is important to ensure that all client payments have been recorded, all invoicing is complete and agistment charges have been recorded against the horse up to the departure day before issuing a statement preview. Keep in mind that where an owner has ownership shares in more than one horse, the owner statement will report current invoices issued relating to all horses owned.

Go to Main then select People & Firms and “View by: Owners sorted by display name”. Double click the relevant owner to open the owner information window then select the Reports tab on the left and choose Statement Preview. Note that no transactions after the Cut-off date selected will be displayed. Now click View.

A message will display reminding you that you must Create Invoices for horses included on the owner statement so that the statement displays all charges for the period. For information on converting horse transactions into tax invoices see Invoicing Owners earlier in this support guide.

The owners statement which displays will look exactly like an ordinary owners statement with the exception of the date of issue, and may be e-mailed, printed or saved to PDF. It is important to emphasise to the owner that this is a statement preview report, and the actual owners statement issued at month end may vary from the preview as additional charges and transactions may be included.


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