Once all invoices have been issued and all owner payments and credits have been recorded, owner statements may be issued. All owners with account activity and/or a balance due will be issued an owner statement at the end of each month when the month end process is run. For more information on month end please see our guide titled Ardex Premier Month End Process.

A client will often request a copy of an owner statement issued, and there are two main ways of locating and sending an owner statement copy:

  1. Go to People & Firms then choose View by: Owners – sorted by display name and single click the relevant owner to highlight them. 

  2. At the right side of the screen click Statements for a record of all statements sent to the owner.

A Statements History screen opens up. You may now view, print and e-mail any owner statement issued to the client.

Owner Statement History:

If you wish to create a PDF copy of an owner statement choose View then Export: Save as PDF

  1. Alternatively go to Finance then Statements:

  2. Single click the relevant statement date to highlight the row and choose View All for a report of all owner statements issued on that day.

Once again, statements may be saved to PDF or printed from the owner statements report, although in this case care must be taken not to print all owner statements, but only the relevant statement. You will note that this window displays the total value of invoices included on owner statements for the month, and receipts recorded against owner statements issued, which is quite useful.

On the right side of the statements screen there are other functions available other then view. Many of these statement functions are useful and worth investigating, but it must be pointed out that the Undo function should be treated with great care. This function actually removes a selected batch of owner statements, and recreating these statements will involve re-doing the month end process.

We therefore recommend that the Undo function not be used, other than in accordance with advice provided by Ardex Technical Support.


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