Client payments are recorded through Finance then select the “Banking” function. Enter the following information to the Banking screen:

Once all details have been entered click the Add button to record the client payment. Note that where a payment is allocated to the debtors loan account, it will be settled against outstanding owner invoices when you perform your end of month process. See our related support guide Ardex Premier Month End Process.

As additional client payments are recorded, a list appears in the lower part of the screen of banking transactions for the day. You may single click a banking transaction and delete or fine tune (adjust) the transaction if you wish, or click the receipt button to issue a client receipt. Click the Deposit Slip button to create a deposit slip for daily banking.

Note that the deposit slip includes your bank account information, a breakdown of cash and cheque payments received and a list of cheques with drawer, bank and amount information as recorded in Ardex.

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