In Ardex Premier each horse may be assigned a “Location” status, and Ardex then tracks horse location changes from day to day for horses in your care. Location signifies more than just which property a horse is agisting in, a business may create locations for pre-race training, spelling, foal at foot or any other agistment, training and horse care situations which may arise.

Normally once per month a business will charge all horses for agistment and training based on location movements recorded during the month. These charges are recorded through the “Group Add” function located in Finance. Use of the Group Add function is covered in more depth in our support guide Complex Transactions in Ardex Premier.

In this example Agistment has been selected as the service code for charging, the date range has been set to the month of April, and all horses which have been assigned one of the Agistment location statuses for all or part of the month have been charged. Horses that departed or changed location status during the month will only be charged agistment for the applicable number of days.

It is essential that these agistment and training charges are recorded before the month end process is run and owner statements produced. The ability of Ardex Premier to track horse agistment and training status on a daily basis and charge all horses on the property for the month in one bulk process is one of the greatest strengths of the application.

The location status history of a horse may be viewed through the location tab in the horse window.

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