By default on installing Ardex Premier the 'Quick Search' feature is turned off. 

If the 'Search' box is used in the Horses screen or the People & Firms screen the list will fast scroll (jump) to the first match and highlight that match, and other nearby listings will be visible as well.

Turn on 'Quick Search' by Right Clicking into the 'Search' box and select 'Quick Search Enabled'. Ardex will remember this and the quick search feature will remain turned on even if you restart your computer, until you Right Click to turn it off.

From now on, when you perform a search, the list of possible matches for your search text will display immediately when you start typing, before you press 'Enter'. Records that don't match your search text will be immediately hidden, making it easier to find the best match.

When quick searching for horses, the horses list will immediately reduce to horses where either the horse name, sire name or dam name contains the search text. Note that 'Quick Search' can be turned on or off for horses and people separately.

Right click in the search box and select 'Quick Search Help' for some tips on performing quick searches with wild cards, multiple text fragments for matching, or limiting a search to one or more columns.

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