The Services tab allows you to create a list of Services commonly provided to horses in your care (or in some cases directly to clients). Services typically listed include Agistment, Training, Breeding, Farrier, Horse Sales, Racing, Transport and Veterinary.

  • Each service has an Invoice Account assigned. This determines where income is allocated when the service is recorded.

  • The Expense Account can be set to match the Invoice Account, and is largely irrelevant as services generally result in the generation of income.

  • Every service must have a Tax Code set. This will generally be GST unless you intend to provide that service only to GST exempt clients (e.g. overseas resident clients with exemption).

  • To add a new Service click the New button at top right. To modify an existing service click Maintain, or just double click the service description.

  • Changing the invoice account and/or tax code for a service will affect future transactions recorded against the service, but not transactions already recorded to your database.

  • If you can’t find a suitable Invoice Account to hold the income generated by the service, go to Account Codes and create a new account (follow the instructions provided earlier in this guide).

  • If you have just added a new income account to your accounts list, you may need to close then re-open your Ardex database for this account to become available in the Services screen.

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