This view displays a list of account codes available, including properties and settings for each account listed. You can add new accounts and modify existing accounts using the New, Maintain and Copy buttons at right of screen.

It’s best not to modify your accounts list unless you have some understanding of accounting principles.

The Tree View button on the right displays the accounts list in a format that highlights ‘add-to rules’ so you can see easily which accounts are assets, which are income accounts, etc.

This view is useful when deciding which account to copy in order to create a new account. For example, if I was creating a bank account, I would highlight either ‘Main Bank Account’ or ‘Other Bank Account’ on my accounts list, then click COPY. You can double click or ‘Maintain’ any account to modify account properties if necessary.

Account settings available for modification are:

Using the COPY method to create new accounts means that it is not necessary to understand or remember the account settings options outlined above. Just select an existing account similar to the one you want to create and single click the COPY button, then change the account name.

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