Most Ardex users will rarely need to access Options and Settings in Ardex Premier. All ordinary data entry, horse management, client billing, horse breeding, owner communications and financial reporting tasks can be performed in Ardex without entering the Options and Setting screen. Your Ardex database should be provided to you with all database settings already optimised.

We strongly recommend that, unless you are an advanced user with significant experience working in Ardex, you not make any changes in Options and Settings unless advised to do so by the Ardex software support team. Some areas in Options and Settings require a solid understanding of accounting principles in addition to experience with using Ardex, to make useful changes.

Tasks commonly performed in Options and Settings include:

  • Adding account codes to the chart of accounts

  • Adding or changing bank account details

  • Changing the End of Period date

  • Entering or changing business address and contact details

  • Adding or changing daily agistment and training rates

  • Adding to or modifying the procedures list

  • Setting invoice message, charge and service for a procedure

  • Adding to or changing the list of services offered

  • Entering email settings for communications

  • Adding or removing Ardex Premier users (security)

Many other tasks can also be performed. Changes made in Options and Settings will have an ongoing effect on the way your Ardex database behaves, for all Ardex Premier users in your business.

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