Once you have created a Profile Group, created Profiles for the group, and Populated the group with people from your database, you are ready to work with the Profile Group data. If you are not already in the Profiles screen go to Main > Profiles then select a Profile Group to display all relevant people and profiles for editing.

Profile Group Principles

The profile group data displays like an Excel worksheet in the centre of screen. When working with a profile group there are a number of principles to keep in mind:

  1. You can Populate people to the group more than once, using various Ad-Hoc queries and filtering rules.

  2. No matter how many times you Populate, no person will be double-entered to the profile group and all profile values (e.g. yes/no answers) will be maintained.

  3. If you populate a person to the profile group but enter no profile value against that person, then when you close and re-open Ardex the person will not be part of the profile group.

  4. Any person in the profile group with any profile value recorded against them will be saved permanently to the profile group, until deleted.

  5. You can select multiple people in the grid by Drag Selecting, Shift Selecting or Control Selecting. Copy Paste functions work as normal inside the grid.

  6. Columns with an Orange Header are system defined and will always be the same (name, surname, organisation etc). 

  7. Columns with a Green Header are profile values, and user defined. Profile values can be added, removed and edited at will. To edit a profile value, double-click.

Profile Group Functions

A number of functions can be performed from within the profile group screen by clicking buttons to the right, above and below the results grid. Functions available are as follows:

As the profile groups feature is considered an advanced feature, it has deliberately been given a lot of functionality. Working with the feature over time is the best way to become familiar with the various functions available.

Entering Profile Values

You can enter a profile value against every person in the profile group individually, by double clicking under the appropriate green column header and typing the answer. For a yes/no profile value a tick is yes, an empty box is no. There are however some time-saving techniques that can be used as an alternative to double-clicking hundreds of times.

Here are some examples of using ordinary spreadsheet editing techniques in the profile groups screen:

  1. To remove all people from the invite list who are resident in South Australia single click the State column header to sort, click to the left of the first State=SA row, shift click to the left of the last State=SA row, press Delete on your keyboard.

  2. To indicate that all employees of an organisation have been invited, single click the Organisation column header to sort, double click in the invitation sent column next to the top result for the organisation, press CTRL-C to copy the Yes tick, now drag select the invitation sent cell for all organisation members and press CTRL-V.

Pre-Populating Profile Values

In some cases you may wish to bring new people into your profile group, or select existing people in the group via an ad-hoc populate query, then have profile values for this sub-group of people pre-set immediately. This is possible using the following method. In the example given we want a profile value to indicate that a person booked a mare for service in the year 2003.

Go to Settings > Options > Profiles and create a new profile for the profile group named ‘2003 Booking’.

Go to Main > Profiles and click Refresh to refresh the grid to include the new profile column ‘2003 Booking’.

  1. Single click any cell that contains the desired answer for ‘2003 Booking’ (which in this case a tick=yes) and press CTRL-C to copy that value then single click any cell in the 2003 Booking profile column, but don’t paste yet.

  2. Click Populate, select the Stallion Bookings query, click Refresh, filter to Season=2003, click Use and Close, now press CTRL-V. This will paste the Yes (tick) answer to all people in the group who booked a mare to a stallion in 2003.


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