Sometimes you may wish to target communications to all employees of a business, all members of a club, all people working on a property, all members of a family, etc. The Parent / Child relationship system in Ardex allows for creation of links between people and organisations, and this information can be utilised when populating profile groups.

To take a simple example, you may enter a company to your database, enter some employees of that business, and then decide to connect the employees with the employer via a Parent / Child relationship. To do this go to Main > People & Firms then find and open the person record for one of the employees and go to the Parent Details tab.

Enter part of the name of the parent organisation (or person) then click the Search button at top right to search for the parent entity. A list of possible matches will display, drag the right one to the empty box in the middle to signify that it is the ‘Parent’. 

If you make a mistake highlight the ‘Parent’ and press the Delete button on your keyboard. The person is now considered the ‘Child’ of the business, which is the ‘Parent’. A person may have more than one Parent relationship entered, for example if they work for more than one property.

Now when you next populate a profile group, if you tick ‘Show Parent Accounts’ or ‘Show Child Accounts’ additional people will be selected and populated to the profile group, even if they don’t meet the selection rules.

For example, if a business booked mares for service and the business had a number of employees (‘Child’ relationship to the business) then if you click ‘Show Child Accounts’ all the employees will be selected, even though they personally made no stallion bookings.

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