Go to Main at the bottom left then select Profiles. Begin by selecting a profile group for modifying, in this example we will select Stallion Parade Invites.

If you are opening a Profile Group for the first time it will be empty. Click Populate at the bottom of screen to insert people to the profile group. The main method of inserting people to a profile group is by running a query to produce an ‘Ad-Hoc’ Report.  In this example we will run the query ‘Stallion Bookings – Advanced List’ to display a list of people who have booked mares to Stallions for service.

Select a query to run and click Refresh. Results will display on the screen, these results can be sorted and filtered. To filter results click the(filter) symbol in the column header. For example, the list above could be filtered by Person Type to display only Owners (not Agents).

Advanced Filters

Tick the Advanced Filters option at bottom of screen to get more control over which results are kept and brought into the Profile Group. New button options will appear at top of screen below the column headers depending on whether the data is alpha or numeric, as follows:

Using advanced filter tools, we could click the = symbol under Service Fees and reduce the results to only bookings worth more than $10,000. You will note that the report remembers our previous filter that Person Type must = Owner.

Once you are satisfied with your selection of people for the Profile Group, finalise your selection by clicking the Use and Close button at bottom right.

Requesting Ad Hoc Reports

If you want additional ad-hoc reports added to your Ardex Database for the purpose of populating profile groups it is important to carefully consider in advance the answer to two questions:

  1. Which People do you want the query to select from your database? Selection will be based on rules, e.g. ‘must be a current person who owns more than 10% of a horse that the procedure ‘pregnancy scan 1 positive’ was recorded on within the last 6 months’.

  2. Which Data Fields should display in the ad hoc report results? It’s up to you to decide what information you need displayed, e.g. ‘person display name, address suburb, salutation, horse name, horse type, ownership percentage, date of scan, etc’.

Once you have considered and decided on the answers to these two questions, then contact Ardex and request the ad-hoc report. Programming will commence based on your preferences expressed, and programming time will be recorded and charged.


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