To add Profiles to a Profile Group go to Settings > Options > Profiles then select a Profile Group at top of screen and click the New button at top right. The Profile needs a name to indicate its purpose, in this example we want to record whether people in the group attended the 2013 Stallion Parade.

There are a number of options for data type depending on the information being recorded, in this example it would be ‘Yes or No’ for the profile ‘Attended 2013 Stallion Parade’.

Keep in mind that profiles created for a profile group can be used for sorting and selecting group members, and also later used as mail merge fields for creating customised e-mail and print communications with group members. For the Stallion Parade Invites profile group, we may start by creating the following profiles:

Once profiles have been created, we are ready to populate the profile group and record profile values.

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