In Ardex Premier go to Settings at the bottom left then choose Options. Once profile groups have been enabled for your database there will be two new tab options at the left of the window – Profile Groups and Profiles.

Select Profile Groups and click New on the right. You need to have in mind already which people in your database you are targeting (aiming to select and, possibly, communicate with). In this example we will target people who own mares that have been booked to stallions for service within a date range, for invitation to a Stallion Parade.

Once a profile group has been created you can then add ‘profiles’ to the group. The purpose of a profile is to hold relevant information. Profiles stored against people can be used in mail merge to select recipients, and to populate mail merge fields such as name, address, horse name, booking season, favourite movie, etc. Add profiles to a profile group via Settings > Options > Profiles.

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