The Month End process in Ardex Premier creates invoices and owner statements by combining all transactions, prize money and adjustments entered against clients and horses for the month. Because owner statements are financial documents which will be reviewed and relied on by clients, care should be taken to ensure all appropriate checks have been made before producing and sending statements. 

The following diagram represents the information Ardex relies on to produce owner statements each month. By ensuring all information is complete and correct at month end the reliability and quality of owner statements produced is ensured.

Therefore in order to produce reliable owner statements Ardex Premier relies on bank deposit information, horse procedure information, the recording of “group add” transactions such as agistment, entering of owner adjustments, credits, prize money and horse sales proceeds. Ardex also relies on correct Horse Ownership information, an issue which is discussed in detail in our Horse Ownership support note.

All this information taken together flows through the month end process to inform owners of movements in their account balances.

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