The next stage of the Month End process runs validation checks on your monthly data, and also allows you to check all transactions for the month before invoicing owners. If errors are displayed in the Validation Checks window it is very important to check and resolve these errors in your database before continuing with the month end process. Common validation issues are:

There are many other possible validation errors which could display in the Month End wizard. We strongly recommend that you do your best to resolve all validation errors and re-run the validation check feature until all errors are clear, or you are satisfied that the transactions listed are in fact valid.

If you click the Next button without looking into validation checks displayed, there is a possibility that owners could be charged for transactions in error, or charges could be held over to future months until errors are corrected.

Once the validation checks have been completed click the Check Transactions button to view all the transactions that are to be billed for the month. Going through this report is essential for a successful month end.  It is more practical to check and correct any mistakes that have been entered at this point in time rather than after owner statements have been created. 

 Errors to look out for when checking transactions are missing or incorrect descriptions, duplicate procedures entered on a horse, ownership information for a horse has not been entered, and obvious errors in charge amounts. Once transactions are checked you may click the Create Management Fees button if your business charges syndication fees or other monthly fees.

Now click Next to progress to the Create Invoices screen.

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