The next stage of the wizard is to create invoices for the transactions just viewed.Invoices are created based on ownership of a horse as at the date of a transaction.It is therefore important to ensure that horse ownership records have been correctly maintained.Ownership of horses must equal exactly 100% from the time of the horse’s first transaction to the present.If this is not the case, transactions for a horse may go by unbilled.

Begin by clicking the Create Invoices button to invoice all horse transactions for the month to horse owners. Transactions from previous months that have not yet been invoiced will also be invoiced where possible. Once invoicing is complete, Ardex will display a list of errors which may have prevented some transactions being invoiced to owners. These errors normally relate to horse ownership.

Our Ardex Premier Support Guide titled “Horse Ownership in Ardex” is an excellent reference for maintain horse ownership records. All horse ownership errors listed should be addressed before proceeding further in the month end wizard, to ensure that horse transactions are invoiced correctly to owners.

Once ownership errors have been corrected, click the create invoices button again and check that no error messages display. This process may be repeated more than once if necessary, no horse transaction will be double invoiced no matter how many times the create invoices button is clicked. When all ownership errors are clear, click Next to move on to checking invoices, making reversals and viewing trial balance results.

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