Even though horse transactions were checked previously, it is a good idea to check client invoices at this stage and ensure there are no billing errors. The best principal to adopt when running month end is that it is possible to make insufficient checks, but it is not possible to over check your horse related charges, invoices and owner statements for the month.

If you have some accounting knowledge you may also wish to check your Trial Balance results for the month at this stage. Finally, if you want to reverse all invoices and charges to a certain owner for the month you may record a client reversal and allocate the transaction to an appropriate account, for example owner credits (expense).

Note that for some clients the Reverse function has been customised to perform special month end tasks. Contact Ardex if you are unsure whether your database has been customised in this way. Once you have checked your invoices and made any necessary owner reversals you may click the Next button to progress to the Owner Discounts screen.


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