We are now in a position to sent statements to owners and request payment for products and services provided to horses on the property during the month. Begin by viewing owner statements to check that they are correct, then click the Print button to print owner statements for all owners who do not have the Statement via email option selected on their owner record. 

Once statements have been printed, click the Email option to e-mail statements to all owners who have the Statement via email option selected on their owner record. You may attach a file to the owner statements being sent by e-mail if you wish, for example a PDF publicity brochure or terms and conditions information sheet. 

Note that when you click the Email button the statements will actually be e-mailed to owners. Statements will be sent in the form of a PDF e-mail attachment. If your statement printing or e-mailing process is interrupted for any reason, for example by a computer or printer malfunction, you may re-start the process from the last owner printed rather than going from the beginning.

First Print statements for owners who receive communications by mail.

Then E-mail statements to owners who receive their statements by e-mail. Once all statements have been produced and sent, click the Next button.


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