Mail Merge is a method of communicating with many people at once, while minimising time spent actually setting-up and sending communications. For example, you may use Mail Merge to send an e-mail to all horse owners in your Ardex database to inform them of an event, such as a farm open day. Or you may use Mail Merge to create personalised cover letters for owner statement copies to be sent to clients with overdue accounts.

Template Creation

  • Open a new email message in Microsoft Outlook and create an e-mail which is exactly the same as the one you want your owners to receive. Insert graphics and modify formatting until everything is just as you want it to be.

  • Put your cursor anywhere in the message body and press Control-A (Ctrl and A) to Select All text and images in the message. Now press Control-C to copy the message contents.

  • Open a new MS Word Document and choose Edit > Paste or Control-V to paste the e-mail message contents to the blank document.

  • Without making any changes to the word document choose Save As from the file menu and save the document in Web Page - Filtered format to your desktop.

  • You will now have a document in HTML Format that looks just like your original e-mail message. This HTML document can be used as your mail merge template.

Loading Template to Mail Merge

  • Close the MS Word application then open the mail merge function in Ardex.

  • Click Select File on the top left corner of the mail merge screen and select the template you just created

Note:  For a mail merge you may select a MS Word, HTML or Plain Text template. However, HTML templates produce the best and most consistent results, and also process much faster.

Sending Mail Merge

  • Enter in the Caption for emails box exactly what you want to appear as the e-mail subject. This will display in the mail browser of the person receiving the e-mail, before they open it. We recommend that you enter your own e-mail address in the BCC field so you receive a copy of all e-mails sent, for your own records.

  • Click Select Criteria to choose who to send the mail-out to

  • Select Roles then tick Owner and click Generate List to bring up the list of the recipients

  • Click Close at the bottom left

  • The contacts with the selected criteria will now appear on the bottom of the mail merge screen

  • Double click any owner on the list to see a preview of the mail-out

  • Tick Skip to skip clients from receiving the mail merge if necessary

  • You can now Send the mail merge

Note: An e-mail mail merge will only be sent to people who have Send communications by: Email selected on their owner record, and a valid e-mail address entered.

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