There may be instances where a credit card payment was made by a client into your account which needs to be partially or wholly refunded. These steps will take you through refunding the card. Please note that this is only applicable for users on Ardex Epay. 

  1. Go to

  2. Log into your account 

  3. Click on transactions >> Purchases 

This will open a list of all the credit card transactions that have occurred in your merchant facility.

  1. Find the relevant transactions 

  2. Click on the gear at the end of the row 

  3. Click on "Refund" 

  4. Then choose a partial of whole refund and click "Refund" 

This has refunded the card. You will also need to go into Ardex Premier and enter in the refund against the person record. This can be done via Finance >> Payments. 

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