In most Ardex databases, the Employees tab will not display in Options and Settings. The tab only becomes available once Security is activated in your database. Security Activation requires all Ardex users to sign in with a user name and password, and program functionality can be restricted on a user by user basis.

Click the New button to create a new user, or click Maintain to change login details or edit permissions for an existing user.

Name, User Name and Password fields must be completed (required). Name is the full employee name, User Name is what the user will type each time they open the application.
It’s a good idea to set Initials and Email address as well, and if there is more than one business entity active in your Ardex database, set which Company (business) this user should work in by default.
At the right, tick which functions you want the user to have access to (permissions).  

  • If you tick nothing, the user won’t be able to view or record any information or data to the database.

  • If you ‘Allow All’ then the user can do anything at all in the database. Only do this if the user is experienced and highly trusted.

Note: At least one user in your business needs to have ‘Security - Modify’ ticked, so that user can enter Settings > Options > Security and add new users to the database when needed.

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