If you subscribe to Ardex Racing Data, then it becomes possible to generate and send a variety of racing related owner communication messages. Racing information provided by RISA (Racing Information Services Australia) which is relevant to current horses entered to your database, will feed into your system automatically each time your database synchronises.

This racing information may then be passed on to horse owners and interested parties, generally by use of the Pre-Race and Post-Race buttons located at the bottom of the Racing screen. Messages generated in this way contain a significant amount of relevant race related information, in addition to text you enter. For more information on Racing Data see relevant user guides or contact Ardex.

Note: RISA data can only be matched to horses in your database if you verify horses as you enter them using the Australian Stud Book database. The F5 Key activates horse verification provided your curser is in the horse Name or Dam field, and you have ASB login details entered to Settings > Options > User Info.

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