• Go to Finance > Banking and enter a client deposit as you normally would, but set the deposit Type to the relevant credit card (Visa, MasterCard etc).

When you click Add you will get a message ‘would you like to create the merchant fee for this payment?’

  • This message won’t display if you have merchant fee % set to zero for the card type selected.

  • If you click ‘Yes’ then the client will be charged a merchant fee (which is a % of the total transaction amount).

  • This charge will be added to the amount charged to the card, and appear on the next Ardex statement issued to the client.

  • The full deposit amount entered will still be applied against open tax invoices on screen.

  • If you click No, then no merchant fee will be charged to the client (but your business will still be charged a merchant fee).

After you click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the ‘Create Merchant Fee’ window, you will move on to the ‘Process Receipt’ window.

If the client already has credit card details stored on their owner record (see previous section), these will auto-fill to the relevant fields. Otherwise, you will need to enter cardholder name, credit card number and expiry date.
When all details are entered, click ‘Submit Payment’ to charge the credit card. You will get a message to indicate whether the charge was successful or not. Funds should appear in your nominated bank account within 1 business day.

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