For inventory to be affected by procedures performed, it is necessary to link inventory items, known as Products, with procedures which are performed on horses. This can be done in one of two ways.

  • Go to Setting > Options > Procedures then highlight a procedure which consumes an inventory item and click Link Products on the right. OR

  • Go to Settings > Options > Products then highlight a product which is used up when a certain procedure is performed, and click Link Procedure on the right.

Note: If you intend to link one procedure with a number of products go to Procedures then choose Link Products. If you intend to link one product with a number of procedures go to Products then choose Link Procedures.
The example below shows two inventory products are linked to IV Fluids-Administer 1L which means that performing this procedure will consume 1 litre of Hartmans Solution and 1 Fluid Administration set from the inventory.

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