Profile Groups are a powerful feature in Ardex intended to support marketing campaigns and to facilitate highly targeted owner communication strategies. Profiles can also be used to store non-standard information against clients and other ‘People & Firms’ records.

Profiles allow you to store any information at all against people entered to your database, and then to search records and perform mail merge campaigns based on this profile information. Which clients attended your last stallion parade? Which clients enjoy wine tasting? Which clients own more than 5 horses? Anything at all.

What adds even more power to the Profile Groups feature is the ability to combine it with ‘ad-hoc’ report results. An ‘ad-hoc’ report is a report written just for your business by an Ardex programmer to extract information from your database in accordance with specified rules. For example, a report could list all people who currently own a mare that has been served by a stallion in the last 3 months.

A detailed knowledge of the overall Ardex Premier application is not required to use profile groups, but you will need better than average computer literacy. Anyone with a software background (or most people aged under 25) will find profile groups relatively easy to learn and use.

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