Ardex Remote is a service that runs on a Windows Terminal Server. Users connect to Ardex Remote by using the Remote Desktop Connection app that comes standard with Windows (7, 8 and 10).

Open the Remote Desktop Connection application.

  • Click Start and type "Remote". The Remote Desktop Connection app should appear in the Start menu, or;

  • Windows 10: Click Start - Windows Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection

  • Windows 7 or 8: Click Start - Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection

The Remote Desktop app will appear. 

Next step is to configure the Remote Desktop application;

  • Click Show Options in the bottom-left and do the following;

  • Computer:

  • Username: Enter the username supplied. It will be in the form of ardexremote\yourusername

  • Enter the password (case sensitive). 

  • Click Local Resources

  • Under Remote Audio, Click Settings

  • Set both Remote Audio Playback and Recording to Do Not Play/Record

  • Click OK

  • Under Local Devices make sure there is a tick beside Printers and Clipboard

  • Click More

  • Place a tick beside Drives - Local Disk (C:) (you may need to expand "Drives")

  • Click OK

Remote Desktop is now configured. Click Connect to start your Remote Desktop session (you may be asked for your Ardex Remote password) where you will find an icon to use Ardex Premier.

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