Customers can often have multiple accounts for the same person, due to their own personal interests, or they could be managing a syndicate. It's not unusual to be asked to transfer funds from one person/entity to another. 

Follow these steps to quickly perform the transfer;

  • Confirm the amount to transfer
  • Check current account balance/s in People & Firms, using the Owners with Balances view.
  • Click FinanceCredits and Transfers
  • Select Transfer from one owner to another
  • Enter the date for the transfer (or leave as current/default)
  • Transfer From: Enter the account to DEBIT
  • Transfer To: Enter the account that will receive a CREDIT
  • Amount: Enter a dollar amount 
  • Enter a Reason for reference. This will appear on the Owners statement
  • Click Add to commit the transfer of funds

To verify the change;

  • Go to Main – People & Firms
  • Click Refresh – the balances will change, with the transferred sum now in the recipients Loan Balance column
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