It is possible to amend a Service Fee invoice if Tax Invoices have not yet been reported on owner statements.

This may be required if the service fees changed, were incorrect, or you accidentally forgot to include an Agent.

Follow these steps to make changes;

  • Click on Finance > Transactions

  • Set the date in the top right to be the same as the invoice date. All invoices created on the date selected will be listed in the lower part of the screen

  • Highlight a row and click Remove Invoices to remove tax invoices created

  • Click Delete to remove the Transaction (service fee charge)

  • Go to Main > Bookings and select the Stallion in the Booked To: field

  • Double click a booking in the lower part of the screen to modify booking details, including service fee and person to charge

  • Make any necessary changes

  • Click Create Service Invoices and re-create the invoices

Important Note: If a stallion service fee invoice has appeared on an owners statement, then you will need to make adjustments and reversals prior to re-issuing invoices.

Refer to the Accounts Receivable Management user guide for further information on Adjustments.

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