You can record the results of pregnancy scans performed on mares during early pregnancy in Ardex.

There are typically three scans on a horse to determine pregnancy, each of which should be recorded in Ardex. This leads to future activities pending the outcome of the results from veterinarian scans (positive or negative).

Note that the procedure names (below) may vary from business to business. It is important that these procedures are performed chronologically.

These procedures require no information other than date of scan.

  • Scan 1 Positive: First pregnancy scan result positive

  • Scan 1 Negative: First pregnancy scan result negative

  • Scan 2 Positive: Second pregnancy scan result positive

  • Scan 2 Negative: Second pregnancy scan result negative

  • Pregnancy Test Positive: Record that a mare is pregnant

  • Pregnancy Test Negative: Record that a mare is not pregnant.

The results of these scans can be viewed in the Mare record, under Service Details.

In this example above, you can see the service history of the mare, which includes positive results all the way to foaling, and negative scans in previous breeding seasons.

Recording a negative scan result will remove the mare from a number of future breeding related procedure dates and reports.

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