Occasionally you will need match a foal with a Foster Mare. To do this in Ardex, you need to run a procedure on the foal that will link it to the new mother.

From the Main screen in Ardex;

  • Select Procedures

  • Set the desired date

  • Select the foal

  • Select the Mare - Foster Mare procedure

  • Enter a Worksheet message (if req'd)

  • Click Add

The screen will appear allowing you to select the horse that will become the Foster Mare. You are required to fill in the following three fields;

  1. The horse (mare) that will become the Foster Mare

  2. Set an Agistment Status. You may also use the pre-set Agistment charge, or enter an ad hoc rate

  3. Set the Property of the Foster Mare + Foal

Once the procedure has been recorded, you will see confirmation in the lower portion of the Procedures screen. Note the Fostering remark in the Comments field;


  • If the horse you select is not a foal, you will receive a warning and the procedure will not complete

  • Your organisation may have renamed some procedures. The procedure name above is indicative only

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