Any procedures entered via Ardex Mobile are required to be approved before they appear in Ardex Premier against relevant horses and for financial purposes.

When there are procedures to approve, the approval button will appear in Ardex Premier under Procedures >> Approval

Click the Approval icon (green tick) and the Procedure Approval window will open. Use the pull-down list at the top left to select a date range for displaying unapproved procedures:


Display Ardex Mobile procedures entered today


Display Ardex Mobile procedures entered yesterday

Last 7 Days

Display Ardex Mobile procedures entered in the last 7 days

Last Month

Display Ardex Mobile procedures entered in the last month


Specify a date range to display unapproved procedures


Display all procedures entered via Ardex Mobile that are not approved

The default view is Basic which displays all ordinary unapproved procedures, or you may choose to view unapproved procedures relating to horse Movements (location status changes) or horse Weights. Note that each procedure line contains information grouped under a number of columns, scroll to the right to view more information on a procedure entered.

Procedures may be sorted by any column header, just click the word in orange at the top of a column to perform a sort by that field. The default sort order is by date. At the right side of the procedure approval window a number of buttons appear.


First tick the OK box next to any procedure you wish to approve. Then click Process to approve the procedure so that it is recorded against the horse in Ardex Premier.

Similar Horses

Highlight an unapproved procedure and click Similar Horses to display a list of horses with similar breeding information. Check that the correct horse has been selected for the procedure in Ardex Mobile.


Highlight and Delete an unapproved procedure without recording it to Ardex Premier.


Refresh the list of unapproved procedures so that new procedures just recorded via Ardex Mobile are listed.

Print a list of unapproved procedures for review.

Export to Excel

Export a list of unapproved procedures to an Excel worksheet for review.

The lower part of the Procedure Approval screen is a conflict report. You can hide or show this report with the Hide Conflicts button at the bottom left. A conflict refers to a significant difference between an approved procedure in Ardex Premier and that same procedure as recorded in Ardex Mobile.

Such differences may arise from changes made to a procedure after it is recorded, either on the mobile device or on the procedure approval screen, or from network errors. Conflicts may be ignored by ticking the Ignore box at the far right.

Tip: you can highlight multiple lines in the Procedure Approval screen by clicking to the left of the first line and dragging down to highlight subsequent lines. When you click Process only lines with the OK box ticked will actually process and record procedures to Ardex Premier.

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