Ardex has an automated feature to streamline the submission of breeding information to the Stud Book.

The Stud Book Return feature is accessed in Ardex by clicking Reporting - Stud Book Return.

There is significant importance in maintaining proper horse breeding records with the Stud Book. The benefits of this feature is significant time savings, and a reduction in errors in form completion.

To begin with;

  • Set the correct breeding season

  • Click Validate

Ardex will indicate which stallions Stallions have not been assigned to a Country (a Stud Book requirement), and which have successful covers registered against them.

To assign a Country to a Stallion;

  • Click Main

  • Click HorsesĀ 

  • Search for the Stallion and double-click its name

  • Select a Country

  • Save / Update your changes

Next step is to address any validation issues, ensure breeding procedures are up-to-date, and verify number of Covers are accurate.

  • Click Create the File

  • Click View the File

  • Briefly review the Stud Book Return data before sending

  • Once you are satisfied with the covering results, click E-mail the File to send the breeding information to the Stud Book

Tip: Tick the box Send a Copy To and enter your e-mail address. This will provide you with a record of the Stud Book Return for your archives.


  • The Stud Book file is in plain text format - the left column is the Stallion, the middle column is the Mare and the right column is the Date of Service (in numeric format).

  • It is not recommended to edit this text file directly. Errors should be fixed in Ardex, and the file re-created via the Stud Book Return.

For more information about Stud Book Returns, refer to the Ardex Premier User Guide - Horse Breeding with Ardex (pg. 31)

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