In the procedures window in Ardex Premier, if you click the M next to the horse name filed this opens the multiple horse selection window. You may record a procedure against a number of horses simultaneously using this feature, or use it to limit the horses available for selection in the Procedures window.

The selection criteria:


E.g. Brood Mare, Foal, Race Horse, Speller, Stallion, Weanling or Yearling


E.g. Home Dry mare, Home Foaled, Home in Foal, Maiden Mare, Walk In, Visiting Dry Mare


When a horse arrival or agistment change is recorded a property must be selected. This represents the physical location of the horse.


If you use Ardex to assign horses to paddocks, you may select all horses in a certain paddock.


E.g. In Foal, Foaled, Served, Barren, Scan Positive, etc.

Stallion Booking

Select only mares booked to a certain stallion in a certain breeding season.

After setting your selection criteria click Refresh List at the bottom left to create a list of horses that match the criteria specified. You may then further refine the list by un-ticking the “Incl” box next to any horse you do not wish to include, then click Close to return to the Procedures window with multiple horses selected.

One or more procedure may now be recorded against the horses selected, or an individual horse from the reduced list of horses. To return to being able to select any horse go to Options and select Reload default horse list to clear all multiple horse selection filters.

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