Procedures are recorded through the procedures window, which is accessed by clicking Main at the bottom left, then click Procedures. Every horse has a record of procedures recorded against it, viewed under the Procedures tab in the horse information window. Procedures recorded against horses also display on a variety of reports available through Reporting.

Data Entry Fields


Set the date the procedure was performed. A list of procedures also recorded for that date will display in the lower part of the window.

View By

Defaults to Procedure Details, which is best for viewing details of procedures already recorded on a date. View by options are covered in more detail later in this guide.

Charge To

Defaults to horse - almost all procedures are recorded to a horse, not to a client, with the exception of some financial procedures.


Enter the name of the horse the procedure was performed on, or click M to select multiple horses


Enter the name of the procedure performed, or click P to record multiple procedures performed on the same day.

Performed By

You may indicate who performed the procedure, for most procedures this is not required. The person must have the role Practitioner assigned to be selected here.

Worksheet Message

Enter something here if you want to be reminded to do something else to the horse on a future date. Some procedures generate a worksheet message by default.

Days - From and To

From which day to which day to you want the worksheet reminder message to display? E.g. from 30 days after date of recording, up to 40 days. Some procedures pre-fill this information.

Procedure Quantity

If the procedure was performed more than once on the same day, enter the quantity here.


If there is a financial charge for performing the procedure, to be passed on to horse owners, enter it here.

Dispensing Fee

If there is an additional dispensing fee over and above the financial charge for the procedure enter it here.


Where the procedure has a financial charge, this message will display on owner statements for owners of the horse next to the charge.

Show on Invoice

If the procedure has no financial charge, but you still want it to appear on owner statements anyway, tick this box.

Comments for horse

If you open the horse information window and click Procedures, each procedure recorded can have a comment stored against it for internal use.

Add Attachment

PDFs and JPG Images can be attached to procedures recorded, and stored on the horse record where appropriate.


The Add button at the bottom right records the procedure to Ardex. The procedure will appear in the lower part of the procedures window, and can be selected and updated or deleted if needed.


A list of procedures recorded on the date selected may be exported to Excel for editing or printing


A report displaying worksheet messages, task list or scan sheet may be produced and printed.


By default your database will not have any special ad hoc reports available, but customised procedure reports may be requested.

In addition to these standard data entry fields, if you select a system procedure additional fields may display which will need to be completed for the procedure to record. Required fields will be highlighted in the procedures screen, usually bright yellow.

For example, if you record the Arrival procedure you will be required to enter the Location Status and Property for the horse that is arriving, and you will be given the option to enter a paddock and an arrival advice comment to be sent to owners.

If you record the Foaled procedure you will be required to enter the colour, sex and time of birth for the foal, new agistment details for the mare, and you may enter foaling notes to be sent to the owners. After working with Ardex procedures for some time you will come to anticipate what information is required for recording various types of procedures.

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