Your Ardex database will contain a list of procedures which may be selected for recording against horses. To view your existing procedures list in Ardex Premier go to Settings at the bottom left, then click Options and select the Procedures tab on the left. By clicking the orange column headers you can sort procedures by description, charge amount, invoice message or any other column header.

For each procedure you may view the procedure description, charge amount (if the procedure is a financial procedure), and invoice message. From and To days relate to worksheet message. Click the New button to add a new procedure, or click Maintain to modify the properties of an existing procedure.

The procedure update window allows you to enter or modify the following information for a procedure:


The procedure description should be easy to understand, as it will need to be selected from a list of procedures each time the procedure is recorded against a horse.

Current Procedure

For as long as the procedure is in use, this box should be ticked.

From and To Days

In order to display a worksheet message against the horse name after a given number of days, you will need to enter a number of days in the From and To fields. This message can serve as a reminder.


Select a procedure type, for example Medical Procedure.

Performed By

Choose if the procedure should require a person to be selected in the “Performed By” field when recorded.

Worksheet Message

This message will display on the worksheet report for the horse, for the specified number of days.

Cancelled By

The worksheet reminder message will be cancelled by recording any of the procedures ticked in this section. Remove the tick next to “Only Show Selected” to display a full procedures list.

Departure Advice Ticked Items

When a horse departure is recorded an advice will normally be sent to owners detailing recent vaccination, drenching and farrier procedures carried out. Ticking one of these boxes will make it possible for this procedure to be communicated on horse departure advices.

Service Code

Choose a service which will be linked with any income generated by the procedure. Each service has a linked income account and GST code. See Settings > Options > Services for a full list.


The default charge to the horse when the procedure is performed. This can be changed when the procedure is recorded. This does not include charges for inventory items consumed by the procedure.

Invoice Description

This will appear on the owners statement and should describe the procedure performed.

Select Biller

If your Ardex datafile keeps accounting records relating to more than one business, you may select which business this service defaults to.


In the example below a horse has had new shoes fitted by a farrier, there will be a reminder after 30 days to reshoe the horse, this reminder will display for 10 days, but will be cancelled if a new farrier procedure is recorded. The procedure performed is a farrier service, the default charge is $200 and an invoice description has been provided, which will appear on client statements.

In the example below 1 Litre of IV Fluids is administered, there will be a reminder after 5 days to check if new administration if IV fluids is required, the reminder will be cancelled if IV fluids are administered again, or if 10 days elapses. The service performed is a medical service, the charge is $55 and an invoice description has been entered which will appear on client statements.

Once all necessary fields have been completed click Save at the bottom left to save the procedure to Ardex. The procedure can now be recorded against horses in your database through the Procedures window.

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