View By in the procedures window defaults to Procedure Details, but can be changed to display worksheet messages for the date selected, or invoice details for financial information. The worksheet messages system in Ardex is a powerful tool to set reminders that further procedures need to be carried out on a horse on a specified future date.

For example, if a farrier fits new shoes to a horse, you may wish to set a reminder that the horse will need shoes again at some future date. If a horse receives a positive pregnancy scan, you may wish to set a reminder for the horse to be scanned again to confirm progression of the pregnancy at some future date.

The worksheet messages system can be used to cover a variety of situations, and there are a number of reports which summarise certain types of worksheet messages recorded in the system. Select Reporting at the bottom left in the Ardex main screen, then click Reports and scroll through the list of reports to get an idea of reporting options available which relate to stud procedures and worksheet messages.

Setting up default worksheet messages for procedures is covered in "Add or Modify Procedure Details"

Add or Modify Procedure Details

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