At the top left of the procedures window is an Options button. Setting options here changes the list of horses available for recording procedures, and the way the procedures window behaves. If you need to record a procedure to a horse and the horse name cannot be found or selected, this is the first place to check.

Auto Copy Worksheet Message

Whatever is recorded in the worksheet message field will also go to the comments field against the procedure on the horse record.

Reset Horse Field

Each time you click Add the horse name field will become empty

Reset Procedure Field

Each time you click Add the procedure name field will become empty. Normally either horse name OR procedure name will be reset after add, to prevent duplicate recording of procedures.

Default to All Current Horses

All horses in your Ardex database with a tick in the “Current Horse” box will be available for recording procedures.

Default to Horses on Farm

Only horses located on a property which has been set to “Our Property” will be available for recording procedures.

F5 for Breeding Procedures

With the cursor in the horse name field press F5 on your keyboard for a list of breeding procedures recorded against the horse. This window also allows for viewing of overall horse procedure history, location status history and other information.

Reload Horse List

If new horses have been added, or horse details modified since the procedures window was opened, selecting this option will update the changes to the procedures window.

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