Follow these steps to begin the bank reconciliation process:

Open Ardex and go to Reporting - Reconcile Bank

  1. Select an account to reconcile.

  2. Enter a cut-off date, which is the closing date of the bank statement.

  3. Enter Statement Page number. If you are reconciling directly from internet banking, enter the date of reconciliation in the format YYYYMMDD ("January 10, 2019" would become 20190110)

  • If no warning message appears, click Refresh to begin your bank reconciliation.

  • If you see the message “Read-only bank rec. Please close statement page (number) on (date)”, then you need to be finalise a partially completed Bank Reconciliation before you can commence a new Bank Rec.


  • If an account is not listed, go to Settings > Options > Account Codes and set the desired account to be a bank account.

  • Bank cut-off date must be later than the cut-off date of your previous Bank Rec for that account

  • Ardex will advise if you have an incomplete reconciliation. Click the date (in blue) to open it. Complete that reconciliation before moving on to the next one.

For more information, see How to Complete a Bank Reconciliation, or consult the Ardex Premier User Guide - Bank Reconciliations in Ardex

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