The Bulk Journal function in Ardex Premier does everything a General Journal function would do, and more.

Bulk journal is found by navigating to Finance > Bulk Journal.

Bulk journals are commonly used in complex transactions where many accounts are affected. In a simple sense, Debits and Credits recorded in a bulk journal entry must balance (total debits = total credits).

Every transaction consists of a debit, and a credit. This understanding of basic accounting principles is essential to using the Bulk Journal feature effectively.

For example, when you issue an invoice for Agistment, you Credit Agistment Income, and Debit Trade Debtors.

The Bulk Journal goes beyond making a simple General Journal entry. You may directly affect supplier and customer payable and receivable balances, enter charges or revenue to be distributed amongst horse owners, and record bank deposits and payments.

The Bulk Journal is considered an advanced feature, and is a very valuable tool for any business maintaining accounting records in Ardex Premier.

For more information, refer to the Ardex Premier User Guide - Bulk Journals in Ardex.

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