If the red number beside Closing: Balance as Bank Statement is not zero, check the following;

  • Check that Opening Balance matches the Statement Opening Balance
  • Check the Closing Balance matches the statement Closing Balance
  • Check every transaction listed on the statement is ticked in Ardex
  • Check that no transactions ticked in Ardex are missing from the statement
  • Check that ALL amounts are identical,
  • Check that deposits have not been entered to Ardex as withdrawals in error, or vice-versa
  • Click Get Totals again and re-check the Difference amount

If the red number next to Balance as at Cut-off Date is not zero, try these reconciliation checks:

  • Click Fill next to Opening Balance to enter an auto-calculated figure
  • Click Get Totals again to re-check the Difference amount
  • If the discrepancy remains, there may be an issue with your General Ledger bank account balance. Please contact Ardex technical support
  • If the auto fill amount for opening balance differs from the opening balance on your statement, it is possible you have skipped a statement in your reconciliation process
  • Click Browse to open previous Bank Rec's to make sure you are not skipping dates.
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