Completing a Bank Reconciliation

To begin, click Browse and select a bank statement you wish to reconcile, and click Ok. Click Refresh to populate the lower section of the screen.

Follow these steps to complete a Bank Reconciliation:

  1. Click Fill to auto-enter the opening balance. Confirm that it is the same as the opening balance on your bank statement.

  2. Enter the closing balance from your bank statement

  3. Tick every transaction that appears in your bank statement, ensuring all amounts are correct

  4. Enter and tick any other transactions listed on the statement but not shown in the bank reconciliation window. For example, bank charges may not be in Ardex

  5. Click Get Totals. If the “Difference” amounts (in Red) both change to zero, the Bank Reconciliation is successful

  6. Click Close Page to end

For more information, search Bank Reconciliation in Intercom, or consult the Ardex Premier User Guide - Bank Reconciliations in Ardex

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