In rare cases you may find an error in your Bank Reconciliation, requiring you to go back through historical banking statements that were previously closed.

This process explains how to re-open older Bank Reconciliations so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Important: Each time you reopen a historical Bank Reconciliation, the previously opened Bank Rec will be removed and will need re-entering.

To undo a bank reconciliation in Ardex, follow these steps;

  • Go to Reporting - Reconcile Bank

  • Click Browse

  • Select the most recent Bank Reconciliation

  • Click Reopen

  • Click Tick All

  • Click Tick All again. This removes the tick from all transactions

Now you can resolve any issues with the re-opened Back Reconciliation, or repeat this process until you are working in the statement requiring amending.

For more information, search Bank Reconciliation in Intercom, or consult the Ardex Premier User Guide - Bank Reconciliations in Ardex

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