Invoices at any time in Ardex, which can be useful if your administration operations pause for a period (e.g. holiday seasons), or your interaction with a client ends for the month (or foreseeable future) and you want to advance billing.

  • First step is to record a service or procedure against a horse. As this is happening 'out of cycle', you may not have recorded a cost against the horse (or owner) yet.

  • You can add as a one-off transaction, or a partial Group Add

With the date selected, you will see Services performed. The Description column lists the horse names with costs incurred on this date.

  • Highlight the horse you wish to invoice

  • Click Create Invoice on the right

  • You will be prompted to generate an invoice for the selected transaction ONLY

  • Repeat the above steps for each date you wish to invoice

Note: Do not use the Create Invoices button at the bottom at this time

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